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About Tubal

Novokonstantinovka ( original name - Large Toba , now many are called Tubal ) is located in the Zaporozhye region , on the shores of the Sea of Azov . Village Novokonstantinovka ( Tubal ) is famous as a great place to spend a summer vacation on the Sea of Azov . The more that the rest of Tubal ( Novokonstantinovka ) differs greatly in price. Prices for holidays in Tubal ( Novokonstantinovka ) is significantly lower than many other resorts of Ukraine . And do not miss a Tubal ( Novokonstantinovka ) You can easily find accommodation for your taste , you can rent a house in the private sector or in recreation . Tourism Tubal is still and rest on the Sea of Azov . Rest on the Sea of Azov in Tubal ( Novokonstantinovka ) differs mild weather and plenty of sunny days per year . With its location and shallow Sea of Azov is warming rapidly and at the end of April - May and stays warm until late September. In addition, the Azov Sea has always been considered " children by the sea" , as opposed to the Black Sea does not require acclimatization , addiction and has a shallow depth , which in turn is a plus when choosing a resort for families with children . Tubal ( Novokonstantinovka ) is a village with a small population in Tubal no airport or railway. This makes Tubal more attractive place to ensure that you can safely spend your holidays on the Sea of Azov from the hustle and bustle. Novokonstantinovka ( Tubal ) is located in an ecologically clean area , in the steppe zone , and has a great distance from any industry. Tourism Novokonstantinovke ( Tubal ) will give you lots of positive emotions , and stay healthy in body and soul .