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Rest in Altagir

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About Altagir

Altagir located on the dairy lagoon. Unique Altagirskoe tract, where nature has united continental climate of the steppe zone of the Azov breezes, estuary, aquifer of mineral water, and wood. Rest in Altagire diverse. There are many beautiful beaches where you can swim, sunbathe, get healthier even better than the sea - no wonder the whole estuary is surrounded by childrens camps, rest homes, tent area. Indigenous people offer you various local delicacies: You must taste the Limanskii gobies, shrimps, haarder. Healthful air estuary, rich in iodine and bromine pine forest, mud - all this makes Altagir popular holiday destination. Altagir come to treat the joints, bones and internal organs. Altagir is unique because of its medicinal effects. The major natural curative factor Altagirya include: - climate - dry, hot summer, clear the forest and the sea air, saturated with a high concentration of iodine and bromine - Rapa Dairy estuary - mineral water.