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About Primorsk

Primorsk - a resort town in southeastern Zaporozhye region, 30 km from Berdyansk and 80 km from Melitopol, the regional center of Primorsky region. Located on the river Obytichnyi. Primorsk - the perfect place to relax from the city noise, dust and bustle, recreation Primorska located outside the city, a few miles away, along the coast. Main Profile Maritimes lodges and resorts - family holiday with children and recreation. This also contributes to a small depth of water near the shore and a small estuary that separates the beach from areas of recreation. Medicinal properties of the Azov Sea is supported by the immediate proximity of the estuary, which creates excellent conditions for those wishing to improve your health. In Primorsk are several lodges and resorts that offer spa treatments and courses to improve the well-being have large, well-landscaped area.