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About Arabatskaya Strelka

Arabatsky arrow - its long sandy spit over a hundred kilometers and a width of 250 meters to 7 kilometers. " Arabat " - Turkic word for "suburb ". Thin braid - another name Arabatskaya arrows . Arabatsky arrow from the Sea of Azov is a huge beach , consisting of fine sand and limestone . Azov sea is shallow , allowing safe to swim , even those who do not know how to swim , and the depth of more than two meters starting at a distance of more than a hundred meters from the shore Arabatskaya arrows . Siwash Lake , which is west of Arabatskaya arrows - a unique source of hydro raw pobny the Great Salt Lake in the United States and the Dead Sea in Israel. Arabatsky arrow is between the Azov Sea and Lake Siwash , which connects through a small strait Slim . Flowing through the strait into the lake water Siwash evaporate , increasing the concentration of various mineral salts ( containing bromine , magnesium, sodium ) in Sivash . Mineral water Arabatskaya arrows represents balneological value due to mineralization and content of biologically active substances , such as - bromine, iodine , silicic acid . as well as those that are thermal , with a temperature of about forty degrees Celsius. Another factor rehabilitation and treatment are huge reserves of therapeutic mud , and - brine lakes and bays. In the area Arabatskaya arrows located resort towns and villages , as Henichesk , Schastlivtsevo , Shchelkino where ezhegono attracts thousands of vacationers and tourists spend their vacation on the Sea of Azov .