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About Akimovka

Pgt Akimovka - the administrative center Akimov area. Akimov district is located in the southern part of the Zaporozhye region, east and south-east by the Dairy and Utlyutskim estuaries in the south - the Sea of ​Azov. Sea coast and estuaries is the site of accumulation for migratory birds before leaving for a warmer climes, but a significant number of them have stayed on the coast for the winter. In the coastal waters of the sea and estuaries are found valuable fish species (sturgeon, beluga, stellate sturgeon). The area is Powerful Forestry, a total area of ​​1.5 hectares. Here are the different types of flora and fauna, many of which are listed as endangered. Business card area - Cyrils wellness area. On the coast, water district boundaries are of recreational facilities and bases. In the complex health care procedures used by a variety of soul, massages, swimming pool and use the hydrogen sulfide mud Dairy estuary. Archaeological monuments, landmarks Akimov District: Altagirsky Reserve, Zool., 1100 m, with. Radivonovka, Powerful p-, Apt. 3-75, 113-118. Forest laid in 80-ies of the XIX century. About 50 species of trees and shrubs planted for the detention of sand. Breeding sites for roe deer and hares. Milk Lyman (reserve), hydr., 19000 ha, Akimov and Azov r-us. Spawning and nursery areas of many valuable species of fish. A habitat for waterbirds. Rodionovskaya reserve, a forest., 400 m, n-Powerful, Apt. 76 - 108. Forest, founded in 1903, there are about 40 species of trees and shrubs. Delta. Tashchenak (reserve), Bot., 30 hectares, pp. Radivonovka. Grows camomile drug. Kirilovsky (reserve), Bot., 4 ha, village Kirilovka. On the shore of the estuary grow knotweed, thyme. Kosa Fedotova (reserve), Lund., 234 ha, village Kirilovka. Scenic peninsula with a variety of steppe and salt-marsh flora. A habitat for birds. Lyman (reserve), Bot., 5 hectares, pp. Leninist. At elevated shore estuary grows thyme. Maloutlyugsky (reserve), Bot., 3,8 ha, village Akimovka. On the bank. Small Utlyug grow tansy. Ohrimovsky (reserve), Bot. 7 hectares, pp. Ohrimovka. On the shore of the estuary Dairy grow thyme, knotweed. Shelyugi (reserve), Bot., 4 hectares, pp. Shelyugi. Medicinal plants. Fedotova Spit - strip of land that separates Utlyukskyi estuary of the Azov Sea. Together with the Herald island, separated from Fedotova Spit small strait forms a strip length of 45 km. Fedotova Spit consists mainly of sand and mud and shell deposits, near the mainland extended continental lessopodobnye loam. Western coast with numerous shallow shoals, near the eastern shores of the sea depth is 3 m. Near the middle of the Spit is a village Stepok consisting of fishermens houses, holiday homes and several lodges. The rest of the spit is deserted. Its surface is covered with grass, chode (oleaster - low, spiny tree with silvery elliptical leaves), tamarisk (Tamarix, tamarisk, tamarisk - shrubs or trees 6-10 m tall with a thin long shoots). During storms, spit in the lowest places, and eroded gullies are formed up to 200 meters and a depth of up to 0,7 m Herald Island - Spit, which is a continuation Fedotova Spit, located in the western part of the Azov Sea. Refers to the Kherson region of Ukraine, although a direct connection by land from mainland areas do not have - their shares Utlyukskyi estuary. Curonian Spit - 20 km (11 nautical miles). Spit in the territory of the Azov-created Sivash National Park (formerly the Azov-Sivash Reserve). In the north-western and western shores of the spit are a few shallow bays and estuaries. Smaller ships often come into the bay south-western tip of the spit - Fishing Bay (north of the bays) and the bay Mayachnaya (south), which provides good shelter ships from the north-easterly winds. Along the western and north-west coast of the spit lies the vast shallow with depths less than 5 m. In the south-western tip of the spit is built lighthouse Herald.